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Kitset Homes NZ

by Editorial Team - Build Your Dream

Kitset Homes NZ Ltd

Kitset Homes NZ

Welcome to Kitset Homes NZ Ltd

Kitset Homes NZ Limited is a new and refreshingly exciting brand in the Kitset Home industry in New Zealand. At KHNZ we clearly appreciate that you want simple, well managed processes to provide affordable kitset housing direct to you. 

Kitset home buyers in NZ demand more input from their component supplier to help streamline the process to ensure you the customer receive the finished product you want with a minimum of fuss and delay. In order to achieve this we have developed a process which provides a high level of interaction between our customers and KHNZ.

kitset homes nz

While the overriding KHNZ philosophy is to follow the KISS principle (goodness knows life is complicated enough, isn’t it?) we don’t want to undervalue this big ticket experience either by only offering standard plans with no changes and, as we genuinely want you to have personal input into your new home, our policy is to allow controlled changes and upgrades, without over complicating the process. We therefore encourage you to make changes to the internal layout of our standard floor plans, and will often let you do so at no additional cost!, Furthermore we can help you make your new home more styley and uniquely yours by offering Good, Better, Best upgrade solutions in areas such as external cladding, aluminium joinery, insulation, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobe doors and organisers.

And, just when you thought that was enough…….
…………Because we aim to be the Best of the Best in the NZ kitset housing market we’re going to include as standard inclusions in your price….. freight to your site, personalised site plans, working drawings, assistance with your building consent application, garage doors on all garages, Italian kitchen appliances, the opportunity to upgrade certain components and, most important to you, we have a pool of carpenters available who can manage the construction of your new home on your behalf if you need them.

kitsets homes nz

Our standard plan range is constantly evolving. Our current range of standard plans appear on the website along with photos of recently completed projects, however if you have your own plans or simply just some basic ideas of what you want in your kitset home, we are only too happy to look at providing a kitset to your brief as this start from scratch design service is a process we believe sets KHNZ apart from the traditional kitset home supplier in New Zealand. 

The Director of KHNZ has had many years of continuous experience in the NZ housing industry, in the construction sector, so we think we fully understand the needs of the kitset home buyer in NZ. Our experience coupled with KHNZ’s superior purchasing strength - forms the heart of KHNZ.

kitset homes NZ

  • Build to your budget
    • Lockable shell kitsets
    • Complete home kitsets
    • Competitive pricing on all KHNZ kitsets
    • “Good, Better, Best” specification options allow you to mix n match the specification with your budget and preferences
  • Flexible Design
    • Plan changes allowed to standard plans or your very own concept design
  • Simple Steps & Processes
    • Simple effective processes developed from years of experience in the building industry
  • Financial Solutions
    • Finance packages tailormade to suit KHNZ purchasers
  • Construction Consultancy
    • Pool of competent Project Managers/Carpenters available in most areas to work with you to project manage the construction of your new KHNZ kitset home if need be
  • Consent application assistance
    • Sufficient  copies of the documents provided as required for your consent application
    • Partially completed building consent application provided for your local authority
    • Assistance with dealing with any suspension requests from your local authority
  • Managed delivery structure
    • Smaller loads delivered to suit your construction schedule, not that of the supplier
    • Easily managed on site, no special storeage requirements
    • Less material lying around on site to get damaged or stolen
  • Confidence from Quality
    • Preference to specify and supply NZ made materials
    • Quality processes ensure quality outcomes
    • The complete package including Sectional Garage doors where applicable
  • Nationwide supply
    • Material deliveries provided through the Placemakers network, nationwide
    • Other key suppliers also offer Nationwide coverage

kitset homes nz

Kit, Set, Go!

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