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New House Plan by Energy Efficient Homes

by Editorial Team - Build Your Dream
Energy Efficient Homes

Example House Plans by Energy Efficient Homes
The OAMARU, Price: $299,050

New House Building

Stunning designs, healthy environments, warm and comfortable homes, which can cost virtually nothing to heat, are all part of the Energy Efficient Homes Ltd (EEH) minimum standards.

In today’s world of upwardly spiralling costs to heat a family home, it makes common sense to optimise any new home for minimum energy requirements, without compromising lifestyle, or comfort. Energy Efficient Homes Limited (EEH) has accomplished exactly that, using tried and proven yet stunning designs and engineering principles “borrowed” from Canada . The result is a warm, healthy, comfortable home year round that can cost nothing in heating costs over the lifetime of the home.

There are over 160 eye-catching home designs on the web site. EEH customises virtually all plans, in house, and can modify your own existing design, to EEH stringent standards if you wish.


WARM HOMES : A warm home is a healthy home, a happy home, a comfortable home. And, with only nominal heating costs, you reap the financial rewards of forward thinking, for years to come.

HYPOALLERGENIC : NZ has one of the worst records in the industrialised world for things like Asthma and allergies. Most of this can be attributed living in an environment where most of the home cold soaks in winter, (Heating only occupied rooms) allowing accelerated growth of mould mildew and dust mites. These nasties migrate throughout the house, even when doors are closed. EEH optionally offers homes targeted to individual allergy needs, effectively building a hypoallergenic home. All models can be engineered this way.

All EEH homes:

  • Feature a custom mix of open plan and or outdoor living.
  • Feature R3+ SuperInsulation in the walls and R5+ SuperInsulation in ceilings
  • Feature hi-tech window joinery with double glazing, double seals, and optional Argon or LowE 2
  • Customer can choose cladding, partition location, room size, in fact most items are customisable
  • Price of basic shell includes design, and pre-engineered shell materials package.
  • Construction options: your choice:
    • Delivered as a materials and design shell package to site: You build.
    • Lock up shell: Foundation and shell of house is erected: you finish.
    • Walk in: Everything is completed except the final flooring, window coverings,
    • Turnkey: Every item is listed and completed ready to move in.
    • Fixed price once all the options are collated (if any)

The Oamaru House Plan

Completed to walk in condition, in most areas of the country.

Designed to mitigate the cold and damp of the South Island, this design works well nationwide

  • 220 m 2 (Priced) - 239 m 2 or single story 110 M 2
  • 3 bedrooms up, and up to 4 more bedrooms, or 2 + garage in the undeveloped walk out basement
  • 2 bathrooms, (one up one downstairs)
  • Open Plan, optimised passive solar window fenestration
  • Vaulted ceiling in Great Room (Living room)

Standard configuration as priced with double garage and matching windows.

interior design house plan

Vaulted ceiling in living room with optional hardwood floors, airtight fireplace, and ceiling sarking.

Computer Rendered House Plan

 Variation on the theme (239M 2) with double garage and granny flat downstairs. Bottom looks great in schist.

House Plan

Also available in single story, rustic, full sub-floor; sloping sections are no problem.

Options, Inclusions and Assumptions

Significant Options

  • Hot water evacuated tube, Solar hot water
  • Thermal mass FlorStor system– required in some locations for ongoing nominal heat
  • NZ optional Argon in double glazing, and LowE 2 thermal coatings
  • Steep section capable
  • Stone cladding, chimneys, and decking optional if required
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Half round cedar log cladding
  • Floating house (In the case of flooding single story homes can rise as required and set back down as waters recede)
  • ICF thermal mass walls:
    • Max. sound attenuation
    • Max. structural wind resistance
    • Min. wind penetration

Significant Inclusions

  • SuperInsulation: R3+ in Walls and R5+ in ceilings
  • Double Glazed, uPVC long life windows
  • Exterior Framing: 6x2 walls with plywood sheathing
  • Design and working drawings included to any level of completion or customisation

EEH Assumptions

  • e.g. build within a 50 mile radius of an EEH dealer. Optionally we can use a local builder to build your EEH home
  • Improved resale values as demand for EEH homes increases .

Energy Efficient Homes Ltd., is the only full time, national company dedicated to building intrinsically warm healthy homes.

The most squandered natural resource in NZ is Solar Energy.

No house in NZ need pay to heat their home, if the design and engineering is tasked to optimise solar gain in winter and reject it in summer.
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